Uh oh! Hope you don’t hate THINKING! It’s...

Head Games Volume 2

Games you can play entirely in your own brain, no components or electronic devices required!

By Eri "Godahl" Drury

Game 1

Imagine a song in your head, preferably infinitely looping video game music, but every four beats make the song a little slower--slowly make the song as slow as you possibly can, while maintaining a consistent rhythm. You lose if you start speeding up due to accident or impatience, or if you go off beat for even a second! Sorry if youre not good enough at music to play this. Hard mode: use a song thats not in 4/4 time.

Game 2

Think of any word at all, then, select up to three letters of your choice--your goal is to rearrange the letters of the original word and the letters you picked into a different, existing word. Succeed, and you get one point and can add up to three more letters to repeat the process. The game is over when you are unable to add any more letters that actually spell something.

Example: "Rent" plus the letters "O," "S," and "M," equals: "Monster."

Game 3

Count upwards in multiples of either 5 or 6 (you may switch which number you count up by at any time), without going up by the same number more than twice in a row (so, if you go up by 5 three times in a row, you have to start over). If you land on a number that is a multiple of 7, you LOSE, and have to start over. Get the highest number you can! If you want an alternate rules variant, you can start on a number 2-4 instead of 0.

Example: 5 plus 5 equals 10, plus 6 equals 16, plus 5 equals 21, oh, I guess that's a loss

Game 4

Name every single material item you would ever wish you could own (a house, a car, a particular book, maybe). Then, estimate how much each item would cost and add it together. Then, uh, just imagine what life would be like if you had that much money! Would it be nice? I bet it would be nice.

Game 5

Think of a word, then think of as many words as you can that rhyme with that word--once done, construct a single coherent sentence with EVERY SINGLE ONE of the rhyming words. You can use as many non rhyming words in the sentence as you'd like, but you have to use all the words you thought of! Succeed, and you win! Now think of a different word.

Example: Lizzie is busy and her soda is fizzy, so she's going to drink it before her hair gets frizzy from the freezey weather.

Game 6

Final game: Imagine a work of art you've seen before. Make sure you see it clearly. Now, in your head, change one small thing about the art without altering its original quality. Then do it again, and again, until you have a completely different work of art in your mind! If this imaginary piece is, by your own petty personal standards, as good as the original (be honest)... you win! If not, you lose--but you can always try again! I believe in you!

And there we go! Six more games you can play while playing videogames. How 'bout that? Later!