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This is a "webcomic" "adaptation" of a card game I made in 2019. It's kind of a big card game in the development of the series, but I haven't really shared it as often as I've shared some of the others (you'll note that this page is pretty hard to access from the main site except by accident). This was my first experiment with a procedurally generated narrative, and the lessons I learned from it kind of filter into later, better procgen webcomics like MegaCincinnati or the One Armed Robbery Webcomic (and overall OAR as a project). I had to make some heavy edits to this one for it to be acceptable by my current standards (to whit, I've included all of the panels I drew for this project, but I hid some of them and you'll have to find the secret button (or just check the source lol) on this page to get them to be picked by the random number generator).

Divine Lovers started as an attempt to, partly, find a new angle in the concept of "Tabletop Game Series about a Furry Pickpocket" as well as a thought experiment to figure out how one might adapt the all time great newspaper comic Krazy Kat to card game format. My decision was that a series of panels depicting a polyamorous relationship that's not going well, that could be sorted into any order, would do the job okay. I made 17 panels. It was fine. I added 7 more. It was garbage. My original plan was to make a full poker sized deck of cards containing a unique panel/illustration on each one, but as of yesterday I've abandoned that idea. There's just too many junk combinations, and it isn't as funny as MegaCincinnati!

There is in fact a physical card game version of this project, located HERE. It only contains the 17 original panels (I don't like the 7 final panels at all and never added them to the itch page). If you really want a physical copy of this comic, go ahead and print it out. Just don't tell me about it.

A pocket. Click to pick it.