Logo. Lizzie Smithson, master pickpocket, has grown six arms and is simultaneously picking six disembodied pockets.

Lizzie Smithson

Welcome to the Lizzie Smithson homepage! Lizzie Smithson is a comic and board game and I guess TTRPG series I've been working on since late 2017. I designed this site to be as accessible as possible to those with disabilities, but if I missed some functionality, please contact me at Godahlian@gmail.com to let me know so I can fix it.

Browse the stuff I made:

Lizzie Smithson Zines, still under construction. Links to webcomic page.
Here is a collection of all the zines I've made about this character! Good amount of stuff!

Mega Cincinnati, a webcomic.
I dunno, I made this one as a sort of parody of bad gag-a-day webcomics, but I've updated it a few times over the year, and now I feel like it's just an example of one.

Friends Strangers Enemies The Webcomic. Links to webcomic page.
Friends Strangers Enemies, the Webcomic! A webcomic version of a card game I made a long time ago.

One Armed Robbery, a webcomic.
A webcomic adapation of my magnum opus, the card game One Armed Robbery! Sorry for the old art!! Works on mobile now!

Link to the Perfect Game
The Perfect Game does not exi--oh wait! It does! And here it is!

Link to Uncategorized Lizzie Stuff
I've done a lot of stuff with the character besides what you see here! I'll share a few snippets of Lizzie Smithson's history on this page, from time to time!

Link to Eri's Itch dot IO page
Here's my itch.io page! It has a lot of stuff that's not here, as well as some repeats of stuff that is here. Some of the stuff on it is pretty good, in my humble opinion!

Godahl's blog. Sentient Life Do Not Interact
Here's my blog! If you can read this, you may not click this link. This page is just for me.

Godahl's Ko-Fi. Click to donate money to Godahl
I have a Ko-Fi now! If you want me to have some of your money, feel free to give me some.

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Last Update: 12-17-2022: Added a new zine to the zines section.

Last Update Before That: Sometime: Added a new section for Lizzie Smithson projects that don't make perfect sense in web format that are also pretty old--I'm only cataloging a couple of them currently, but I'll add more later (probably won't announce new ones when I do, though--I'll let it be a surprise if you happen to check.

Last Update Before THAT: 11-9-2022: Added 24,400 new pages to MegaCincinnati. That's what my calculator says, anyway. (It's closer to 97,600 new pages if you count the secret pages) Every single one of them has basically the same basic joke, so I don't know why I bothered. I haven't added the new panels to the itch page yet, but I will at some point, as well as put the COMPLETE physical card game version of the comic up there.