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Welcome to the Lizzie Smithson homepage! Lizzie Smithson is a series of comics and games I've been working on since late 2017. I designed this site to be as accessible as possible to those with disabilities, but if I missed some functionality, please contact me at Godahlian@gmail.com to let me know so I can fix it.

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4-22-2024: As the link at the top of the page indicates, one of my zines is included in the Palestinian Relief Bundle at itch,io--Hopefully this will do some good! As of this writing, the bundles already gotten more than 200,000 dollars, which is amazing. In other news, if you haven't been following along with the webcomic updates as they've been coming, I added a couple of new zines (one of them somewhat not safe for work) to the webcomics page, in addition to having been updating with at least one page every week for more than a year now, wow! And I've also noticed I've gained some new readers, which is exciting--hi if you're new! I'm just here to have a good time and make games. Anyway, see you next time I remember to update this section of the page.

2-22-2024: Oh wow, I just realized I hadn't updated this update scrollbar in a while! The site's been updating, though! I uploaded like 3 minicomics to the webcomics page (and have been updating with at least one page per week in addition to that), I uploaded instructions on how to play my magnum opus card game with regular playing cards to the Games section, and I ALSO added a silly daily check in feature to the Games section (said feature accidentally broke the cookie data on my end, on Firefox, so use with caution! I think I ironed out the bugs, but beware--it seems like if your cookie for this site gets corrupted, the only way to fix it is to delete your cookies and start afresh. One of these days, I'll add functionality to back up your cookies, but I ain't got there yet). I'm also working on an additional webgame that will be playable on this site at some point, but I've had some hiccups with finishing it, so I don't know when it will be ready. In any case, I'm keeping busy! I'm going to let people know real fast right now, that there *might* be some issues with the website over the course of the next few weeks--I've been hosting my images on Tumblr, but it's looking like Tumblr is getting ready to shit the bed, so I'm thinking I should just get out, bite the bullet, get a subscription for Neocities's premium service, and just host my images here from now on. Well, that's the plan, anyway! There's probably going to be some sitewide hiccups over here until that happens. Just stay tuned, we'll get through this!

9-2-2023: I uploaded a new zine to my webcomic. 8 pages. It's fun, I just thought I'd let you know in case you thought today was another one page update. Fooled YOU, huh?

8-12-2023: 3 major updates in 3 days? It could happen! Anyway, to kind of justify the "Articles" tab on this website a little bit (and also cause I wanted to write it anyway), I've added a "manifesto" to this website, basically detailing the kinds of games I want to make/play! Believe it or not, I used to be real active in the "armchair designer" scene on Tumblr, but I gave it up when I started trying to make my own games! So this is kind of a return to grace for me, where I just talk about stuff I've been thinking about wrt design, though hopefully now that I've had a few years of actual practice under my belt, I can come to it with a more informed perspective! Maybe I'll do some more design articles down the road--I do genuinely have a list of very specific criteria I would consider essential in the theoretical "perfect stim toy"--maybe I should post that! (If I do, it will be specifically to clarify design decisions I made in my own games, particular the zine games contained on the webcomics page) I personally don't view game design writing as valuable as I used to--the main purpose of it to my mind today, is that it gets the writer to think about things a little harder. That is, these kinds of articles exist more for the writer than the reader. That's not to say it's not worth doing, though! Anyway, updates are going to slow down a bit after today--I just got really inspired for a little bit there, lol

8-11-2023: Hel-LO, new site layout! I'm going for kind of an approximation of the style of old 2000s/2010s era kids' virtual worlds. Anyway, other than the graphics, nothing's changed--I just wanted to acknowledge in the updates bar that the site looks different now.

8-10-2023: I made a videogame! I mean, I made a webgame, but it's got graphics? So I think it counts as a videogame. Anyway, it's fun, check it out.

7-16-2023: I made a bunch of small, subtle changes to the movie version of One Armed Robbery--if you missed it the first time, here it is. Originally, this page was intended as a secret for people who looked around, but I'm at a point where there's so much work I put into it now, that I've changed my mind and I'd like people to know about it. The main changes is that the images are slightly animated now (so it's more of an actual "movie") and also I added a chatroom to the page, so that you can experience the randomly generated adventures with some strangers, and that's all I'll say about that, other than that if anyone asks, this page is a parody of Nothing Forever/AI Spongebob/awful stuff in that style.

6-19-2023: Oh! I've been sitting on this for months, but I added a print and play card game (I mean I updated an old one) to itchio--you can see it here. It's the original appearance of the Roby Ola and Eliza the Roommate characters, though their personalities are very much in development in that particular game. I still hope to "finish" that project some day, hopefully before the end of 2024, but it's a loooooot of woooooork. ALSO: Regular webcomic updates resume on this Saturday! So look forward to that!!!!!

6-12-2023: I sort of alluded to this on the page itself, but there won't be updates in the webcomic page for a couple weeks--it's not that I don't have pages ready, I'm just going to be away from my apartment for a bit and I don't have the files on hand to load up. Very sorry, when I'm back I'll do a nice old big sized update, just for you.

5-26-2023: Uploading some old stuff I did from 2015--Kind of my first attempt to make something like Lizzie Smithson. It's on the Misc page--imo it's kind of bad but I wanted an archive of it up somewhere, so I made one. Shrug

5-7-2023: Had an idea for an absolutely terrible webcomic and I couldn't sleep so I decided to make it. It took me about an hour to throw together lol. It's a minimum viable webcomic! I wanted to make the smallest thing I could, and maybe I succeeded. It sucks tho lol very sorry

5-2-2023: "The colors, duke, the colors!" "I'm... colorblind, kid." *BLANK STARE*

4-15-2023: Just a quick thing to add: I'm going to attempt to add a new page to the zines page every Saturday from now on--we'll see how long I can keep it going. So unless I say otherwise, there's a new page there if it's Saturday. HMMMM I should probably change the name of that page since now it's more of a general webcomic than a collection of booklets I've made. Well, sometime, maybe. ALSO, the bundle I was in made 280,000 dollars! Holy shit!!!! That all goes to supporting trans rights in Florida, which, if you've been following the news, is in a very bad place right now, and definitely needed the support. Thanks to everyone who contributed money, and I hope you enjoy the games!

3-25-2023: New zine! In my opinion, it's the best one yet! Go to the zines page to read it!

3-4-2023: I added a new zine to the zines section, and I also edited my terrible unreadable blog to uh just be a little bit even worse I guess lol. If you're curious, I was on vacation from work, hence I had a lot more time to focus on personal projects for a week. Updates are probably going to slow down again after today. Working on one of my dream projects, though! That'll probably be the next thing I upload onto here. Well, see you then!

3-2-2023: I got added to the Furryring! Yaaaaaaay

2-27-2023: Fixed a bunch of bugs wrt the zines page and a few of the other pages, added an "About" page to the site, to kind of get new readers up to speed and also help out regarding accessibility, since I hear about pages are good for that. I also added 31,550 new pages to MegaCincinnati (according to my calculator) bringing the total up to 168,750 pages, or 675,000 if you count the secret pages, which you shouldn't. (Translation: I added about 12 new panels for the RNG to pull from). I think at this point I'm pretty much done with the MegaCincinnati project, and maybe in a month or so I'll pull together a brief retrospective of it. For that matter, Lizzie Smithson reaches her fifth birthday in July--I've been doing these things for five whole years O_o I should put together some sort of series retrospective, although I don't know who'd be interested in something like that. Still have more I want to do with the character, too! Goodness. Okay bye.

2-17-2023: Added a new zine to the zines section (I'm Not Done Talkin'.). Additionally, I've added an old attempt at a webcomic to... somewhere on this site. It's hidden, you'll have to find it. That's assuming you don't follow me and can't just see the new page I added, lol

12-17-2022: Added a new zine to the zines section.

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