Articles I Wrote:

Imagining the Perfect Fidget Toy.
A thought experiment--trying to imagine what the "perfect" fidget toy might look like.

Stim Games. A Design Manifesto.
A brief overview of the kinds of games I want to MAKE, which are also the kinds of games I want to PLAY.

Link to Uncategorized Lizzie Stuff
I've done a lot of stuff with the character besides what you see here! I'll share a few snippets of Lizzie Smithson's history on this page, from time to time! CURRENTLY DOESN'T WORK

Godahl's blog. Sentient Life Do Not Interact
This is what I think Elon Musk should do to Twitter.

Logo of the Lizzie Smithson website, a stylized all black depiction of Lizzie's head.

Lizzie Smithson will follow around your mouse cursor.
Empty Susan will wander around randomly.
Eliza the roommate will wander around randomly.
Roby Ola will wander around randomly.