finally just up and Uninstalled Instagram from my phone. nothing to do with the crypto thing (tho obviously that's terrible)--its more just the user interface has just been getting worse and worse these past few months. the breaking point was when I checked my favorite newspaper cartoon account, Mazetoons, and realized almost all his posts are selfies now. his actual cartoons, which I like, are completely buried under random selfies, which I don't care about. it's not 2012 any more, Joe! couple that with how bad instas been with ads lately, and I have to scroll waaay too much to find the posts I actually wanted to see! it sucks! that's on top of Instagram heavily pushing video content now, which I almost always scroll past. and you can't remove the stories tab from the home screen! who the fuck wants to see peoples' fucking stories?? we have twitter for that! we have tiktok for shorter videos! we don't need even one more app for that stupid shit! tiktok has a better selection even! it will ALWAYS have a better selection! Anyway I made a go comics account so I can get my daily Heathcliff fix, so that's good anyway. mazetoons unfortunately seems like it's quite a bit harder to get a hold of these days--i might just have to say goodbye to that one (cryface). well, thanks for nothing Mark Zuckerberg! more like Mark FUCKERberg!!! END 5-12-2022: Gonna stay off instagram for a while, lol. I might even delete my account. It used to be my favorite social media, but if they're doing nfts, it's time to leave. I wish people wouldn't share so many anxiety-inducing posts about the entertainment industry--like, yeah, it's awful, but it also gains power the more we pay attention to it. I'm thinking specifically of stuff like the nepotism required to get like a deal as a movie director, and yeah that sucks, but if you have a dream project or a dream story you want to make, there's ways to do it! You can make it work! I guess somje people, naturally, are less interested in "making it work" than they are in making money off it--and I get it, times are hard, but very little art is actualy profitable in 2022... if you're not enjoying the work for it's own sake, there is little point in bothering. I forget what I was talking about. Well, fuck Hollywood I guess! Now as always, but remember, we never needed it. You've got to hand it to Elon Musk... with just one purchase, he made TWO sites unusable. END Getting into amateur witchcraft lately... I'll probably explain more in a zine later, but I wanted to put this out there immediately for now. END I just checked the quote unquote leak further info that sucker punch is making a new sly cooper game,, and the evidence is so thin on the ground it's ridiculous--the leak in this case being that sp put up a job offering for a MULTIPLAYER systems designer that "reads board game instructions as if they were spy thrillers. GET IT??? *SPY* THRILLERS????? I mean sly cooper isn't really a spy, but okay. also, the fact that their new game is apparently multi-player instantly kills any interest I would've had, sly or not. if it is a new sly game (and I don't think it is), I'll buy a physical copy, put it on my bookshelf, and *N E V E R* open it. ...because I don't own a ps5! rimshot. That seinfeld jpeg where the one guy is pointing at a picture and saying "I've had enough of this guy" but he's pointing at a picture of openai Oh shit, Lily Orchard used a post from my old tumblr in her video about stalkers (specifically in the context of me being weirded out how obsessive some of her haters are despite me not liking her--not a super negative depiction, really, it just surprised me). Kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel there, eh lily? This is why I use this unreadable neocities subppage for my posting needs now, it's not easily readable or searchable, so I don't have to worry about e-celebrities namesearching and seeing my tweets about them or whatever. Hey, e-celebrities! Don't name search! It's MEGA creepy!!! (As long as I'm on that note, I think Sarah Z actually has me blocked because I said her vocal inflection is annoying or something--good riddance, I don't need youtube videos regurgitating 10 year old tumblr posts) END Juggling a lot of projects now lol--I'm putting the final touches on a procedurally generated webcomic I first had the idea for MONTHS ago, and I'm also putting together another zine for the zine page--I'm justa busy little bee, huh!!! Anyway, looking forward to nobody seeing this news update. No joke, I DO NOT WANT anyone to fucking look at this page. If you're reading this, go away! Go the fuck away!!! God!!!Having finally completed one, I now much better understand Chris Hecker's objections to game jams, much as I must remind people that you absolutely must not spend as much time on one project as he did (So far!!!) on Spy Party, which has been in develoment since 2010, and has gotten as far as Steam Early Access, which it has been in for at least 4 years. Not to say that all projects need to be done quickly (I've been spending a pretty (for me) freaksishly long amount of time on one particular project lol) but if you're specifically making a competitive game (which by all accounts seems to be his goal), and you're not DEATHLY confident you'll have an audience when you're finally done, you really shouldn't be spending too much time on it. My two cents, anyway. END this might be a cold take, but damn jak ii is so much better than jak 3 it's kind of ridiculous. gonna say though, if you gave me a million dollars or however much jak 3's budget was, and somehow magicked my brain into being capable of managing a team developers (all my art projects so far have been solo work lol), and told me to make the best game I was capable of, I probably would make something similar to jak 3 XD--or at the least, I'd realize every ps2 platformer fan's dream and make a version of sly 3 where you could sail to all the other episodes from within episode 5's pirate ship mini game. that way the game would soooooooort of teeeeeeeeechnically be genuinely open world, which is something I've always wanted. why wasn't sly 4 open world? I've never really been on the thieves in time hate train (I think the game has some genuinely neat ideas and certainly is a better collectathon than yooka laylee) but that game was sort of a missed opportunity. very strange. end I've got to say, when you look at the facts as they stand, it sure does appear like Johnny Depp is an abuser. Maybe Amber Heard treated him badly too, but it hardly seems like he was an innocent small uwu bean in this situation. Anyway, we definitely didn't need to turn this trial into such a circus. I've been putting together a list of triple A videogames that, to me, feel like webcomics (specifically, webcomics from the 2000s)--So far I've got: Sly Cooper (basically a furry comic), Spore, The Sims (they just... feel cheap to me, in the same way that webcomics do), that's it off the top of my head. I guess I'd define the phrase "feels like a webcomic" as being... like, an experience that reaches far beyond it's means, or is more ambitious than it can really manage, created by a singularly strange vision, at least usually. There's lots of indie games that feel like this (Examples: Another World, Retro City Rampage), but when a major studio with hundreds of employees hits that mark, that's rare. That's special. After coming to the conclusion that Spore was a webcomiclike, I put some thought into whether similar creator Sid Meier's games qualify, and tbh I don't think so--Sid Meier's whole aesthetic is a little too... mainstream? Compared to Will Wright, who is working in much less dramatic "literary" "genres". Compare epic pirate stories to city building simulators... I know Spore has a huge scope, but it (,from the footage I've seen, I've never played it) feels small. Maybe not intimate, but it doesn't feel like a game that would've been as hyped up had people actually known what it was. Hey, it still has its fans, though, after all these years! Good for them! Anyway, bringing this back on subject, Sly Cooper is basically perfect. The end. End. I've been getting a lot of Jak and Daxter related videos on my YouTube recommendations feed lately, which is weird but I'm not complaining since I like those games. it's got me thinking though--i would actually like to take a Crack at making something similar to jak and Daxter someday, but the stuff I consider valuable about the series is quite far out of my reach at the moment. I'd need either a large team and an enormous (id also need to learn how to manage a team) or/and id need to be able to produce art at a much higher technical level than im currently doing. in the latter case, I could pull it off by doing something like James gurney Dinotopia, which I've had recommended to me a few times--because what I associate jak and Daxter with is less gameplay or plot and more like... lavishly produced and internally consistent alternate world's, I guess. that said, I suppose there are elements of Jak and Daxter in lizzie smithson--there's the whole Cypher alphabet some of the illustrations use, and it's kind of a vaguely unreal city she lives in--ultimately though, I view lizzie Smithson as being closer to the sly cooper end of the spectrum, where it's more... personal, I guess? and rooted more in actual reality, as opposed to being pure fantasy. it's like a webcomic, basically. (I consider sly cooper also to be "like a webcomic" but I don't get those vibes from jak, for whatever reason I can't put my finger on) END The Gremlins Theme is a bop. END

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